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About The Farm
The Krisco Farms Family
Mother and Son - Kristiansen Family
Kristiansen Family in Grangeville, Idaho

KrisCo Farms is owned and operated by 

Kyle and Sammy Jo, Graham and

Rayna Mae Kristiansen.

Both Kyle and Sammy Jo grew up in rural areas in families that spent time raising beef, chickens, tending a garden all for our own use and consumption. After working for larger operations in college we decided to become grass fed beef producers. Coming from a long line of small business owners, we based this cattle business off of the way our family had always ran business; honesty and integrity while providing top quality product. 

In the world of mass production, raising our beef The Natural Way free of chemicals, no hormones, and eating quality grass was the most important aspect of our business. 

Starting with a few head of Red Angus cattle in 2013, we now have quickly expanded to partner with a local grower only a few years later. This is all thanks to our customers who buy our beef. They see and taste the quality we are working to deliver.

Kristiansen Family looking at the cows on the Krisco Farm in Grangeville, Idaho

Growing this business in the interesting economic time we live in has been a learning experience and privilege. When the economy took a downturn in 2020 due to the pandemic, we realized that many people did not understand that they could purchase their beef directly from a rancher. From this, we capitalized on educating new customers on the process of being prepared for any circumstance by filling their freezers with quality beef. 

We are privileged to provide top quality Natural beef to families all over the Northwest. 

The Cattle

cattle in Grangeville, Idaho

Our beef cattle are raised on quality grass pastures and

finished on grass.

They grow naturally to produce a meat that has no additives, no chemicals, and no hormones.

Krisco Farms Cattle in Grangeville, Idaho


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